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Life of an Outcast
Life of an Outcast is the story of a Dalit family and talks about the caste oppression and religious intolerance of our society. We have completed the shoot of the film without any producer and are now looking forward to you to complete the film.We, at Studio Sarvahara, believe that a story must reach its true audience. Life of an Outcast is the story of rural India and will be subtitled in 10 languages to be screened in 500 villages across India before it’s release for urban audience. The project is in the phase of post production through the currently running of crowdfunding. We need your support in raising INR 4 lacs to being the film to you in its final face and color.The trailer has been reviewed by reputed journalists and newspapers within 5 days of its launch describing the film as a mirror to the ugly face of this casteist society and will be a landmark in the world of independent cinema.To know more please find us at:

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Life of an Outcast Trailor

Pawan K. Srivastava